heart skipping a beat?

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heart skipping a beat?
Sun, 08-08-2004 - 11:09am
Hi-I am new to this board, and thought i would ask a question-I am 37, thin, normal cholestrol/thyroid/all blood work

I recently started having the sensation of my heart skipping a beat when I am going to sleep, mostly in the am's when I am trying to go back to sleep, or before I get up. I have no chest pains-I do have some back problems, which are manefesting in my upper left side of my back (burning, aching above, near shoulder blade) I know upper back pain can be a sign of heart attack in women, but I am pretty sure it's muscular because advil helps, and I can locate the site of pain and also feel it with movement.I am currently on 25 mg elavil for a chronic pain condition and have emailed my Dr as irrecgular heartbeat is a side effect. my question is-i am probably making things worse by having real anxiety that I am going to have a heart attack-I did have an echo 7-8 years ago for a possible murmer that turned out not to be-and all was well. would problems develop in a relatively young person in that time? Thanks-sorry so long!
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Tue, 08-10-2004 - 4:16pm

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