New here: Dad's just had a small stroke?

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New here: Dad's just had a small stroke?
Tue, 08-10-2004 - 10:56pm
I've just gotten off the phone with my mother. My parents live in another town.

This morning my 64yo father who is otherwise in excellent health went odd (it's not like he wasn't a little strange before though;-) ).

He'd just laid himself on the bed in my mother's room for a nap (which he sometimes does in his room). He lifted his head, looked around and asked "How did I get in here?". Over the next hour my mother, after realising he wasn't joking, kept asking him questions and filling in the gaps for him. Basically, he is missing about 98% of his memory of the last two months or so. Completely blank. Physically, he seems fine. Mentally he seems fine except for the memory loss.

We think that he's probably had a small stroke. There is a family history. His father had a series of very small strokes that at worse made him seem a little vague at times. It wasn't until he was in hospital that they realised that he'd been having these strokes.

My old man is a pig-headed kinda guy. He seems to be in shock and a bit bewildered by it all at the moment. We're going to try and get him to a Doctor ASAP but because of their rural location it'll probably be tomorrow at the earliest. And that's if he ends up going at all. He's likely to dig his heels in and claim that he's feeling fine now.

Question is; what should we be doing right now. How serious is this likely to be? Or can you just not tell yet? Is he likely to drop dead on the spot any moment now? Should he be driving anything?

Once we get him to a Doctor, what can we expect the Doctor to do? Will he be sent for a CAT scan or something? And if so, how fast will they move on this?

Any help appreciated? Thanks.

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Wed, 08-11-2004 - 3:31pm

Welcome to this fine board.



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Wed, 08-11-2004 - 9:42pm
Thanks for the response.

They got him to the local doctor who couldn't find anything obviously wrong. She's getting some blood tests done and has tried to get him to travel the 1 1/2 hours to the next major hospital to get a CT scan.

Unfortunately my father is being the 'invincible' Dad that we all know and love. For example; a couple of years ago, he was thrown off a quad bike that then flipped and landed on him trapping him for a 1/2 hour in a ditch on the side of the road. He eventually removed himself with the help of some local passerbys, came home on the quad, saying something about a sore shoulder and that he'd had a 'bit of a fall' from the bike. We eventually got him to hospital the next day despite his protests. He had a broken collarbone and no doubt was lucky even to be alive.

He steadfastly refuses to go for the CT scan. Part of the problem seems to be that he cannot remember not remembering. While he seems 99% OK there are obviously a couple of memory lapses still happening.

I don't know what we can do except badger him and nag. While I can believe that he's being this stubborn, I wish he'd get over it. Thanks for the advice. We'll keep trying.