Echo test yesterday

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Echo test yesterday
Wed, 08-11-2004 - 4:16pm
Well the echo was done yesterday so im just playing the waiting game. I did notice that her heart rate went from any where fro 43 to 108 beats per minute while they did the test. I’m not sure what a normal heart rate should be for an 8 year old but I thought that was a Hugh difference. I thought maybe I would have an idea of what they were looking at but boy was I wrong, those techs are amazing that they can understand all of that. The one thing that did worry me was she asked when I had the appointment with the heart doctor and I had told her October. She said that she suggests getting it sooner, that made me wonder to what she had seen, but for now I have to guess. They said that the echo would get read last night and a report made up and sent to my doctor. Do they fax the report or send it? I hope it’s a fax so I would hopefully get an answer soon.


As of 11am the doctor has the report so im just waiting for him to call me with the results