just an update & a short question

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just an update & a short question
Wed, 08-25-2004 - 8:47pm
today GED had his procedure after his cardiologist cancelled his procedure a couple of weeks ago. he had balloon angioplasty after the docs found 100% blockage in 3 of 7 arteries where they placed stents 2 yrs ago. the doc told GED they did not do the balloon angioplasty when they placed the stents because they did not think they would be needed. but here it is almost 2 yrs later & GED they find 100% blockage in arteries that were only 40 & 60% before. How is this possible? GED is very careful about what eats & excercises daily since the first procedure. could this be heredity playing a part? what should we expect the days after the balloon angioplasty? also i thought they automatically did the balloon angioplasty in stent procedures, because i have several other friends who have stents with the balloon angioplasty.
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Thu, 08-26-2004 - 7:35am

It's good to hear that Ged has followed advice about diet and exercise since his initial stent insertions 2 years ago, so it's a shame to hear that he's had problems. Unfortunately, one of the risks of stents is that they can themselves become blocked off - did the doctor say that it was the stent itself that was blocked, or whether it was another area of the same artery nearby? Certainly, if it was the stent itself then that would explain how the area became significantly more blocked. If Ged has managed to follow advice and take any medications prescribed, then I think it's just unfortunate that he's experienced more problems in the same areas. Have they altered his medication at all since this?

About the angioplasty during stent insertion - sometimes they do what is called a 'direct stent' which means they don't do the angioplasty (inflating the balloon) to the area that they want to stent first (which is what it sounds as though they did for Ged first time), in the same way that sometimes they only need to do angioplasty and don't need to put a stent in. Everybody's different, and some people do need both which would explain why your friends had both.

As far as what to expect ... hopefully the hospital gave Ged all the advice he needs in the first few days after his angioplasty. Mostly it's all about being sensible. There shouldn't be any particular problems, so if you are concerned at all then get back in touch with the hospital/cardiologist.

Hope that helps a bit, and that Ged recovers quickly.

Keep us posted!

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Thu, 08-26-2004 - 2:09pm

I am glad to hear that Ged is on the mend.