recent Stent and now I might be pregnant

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recent Stent and now I might be pregnant
Mon, 08-30-2004 - 11:19am
I am 41, typeII diabetic, Hypothyroid, and I recently had a angioplasty and stent placement. I am fairly active. I hike and walk and camp and garden. I have a 18 year old son and my fiance and I have custody of his 12 year old son and 8 year old daughter and now I am thinking I might be pregnant. I bet I am the OBGYN nightmare. Does anyone know whether carrying to term would be a good option? not sure what to do
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Mon, 08-30-2004 - 1:03pm

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Tue, 08-31-2004 - 11:55am

What a difficult situation to be in ... I'd definitely agree with cecilia, and suggest that you should speak to both your cardiologist and obgyn dr as soon as possible to get their opinions but I suppose the first step would be to be sure of whether you are actually pregnant or not. How long ago was your angioplasty? In the middle of all of this, though, I hope that you find some support for you and your partner and that both your feelings and thoughts are taken into account in any decisions.

Take care, keep posting and let us know how you get on