My dads surgery

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My dads surgery
Wed, 09-15-2004 - 12:26pm
Well, my dad is in surgery right now. In my mental calender I had thought it was scheduled for tomorrow. I was caught off guard this morning when my mother called me from the hospital to tell me. They live out west and I am on the east coast. My father hasnt been well for a long time. about 15 years ago they did a triple bypass on him. He was supposed to stop working and didnt. He has now been on disability for over a couple years. He has other health issues, Diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. They know he has massive blockages again, but wouldnt operate on him because they told him he wouldnt get off the table. We came close to losing him earlier this year when he was in congestive heart failure, he was drowning in his own lungs. The doctors told him about a month ago that they wanted to put a defribulator (sp?) in his heart which would stop it from racing. His heart DOESNT race. They said, it will. They told him that it would not improve the quality of life but would help him live longer. They told him to go home and think it over and decide. He goes back like a week later and they tell him it is now no longer an option and that he HAS to get it done. And now he's in surgery. Back in July they told me they had found prostate cancer and then after he went back to the dr. they told me nope he's ok. I have suspicions that it was nontreatable and they didnt want us to worry. Pieces arent all adding up and what it comes down to is that my father has been very ill for quite a while. For the past five years or so they been telling him they Will not operate cause he wont make it and now an operation that was considered a possiblity a week or two ago is now mandatory. I dont want to press him or my mom for details. Can anyone relate? Anyone have any experience with the defribulator? its gonna be a long long day.



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