Chest discomfort, beating hard...

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Chest discomfort, beating hard...
Mon, 09-27-2004 - 11:07pm
Recently (the past week or so) I have been experiancing discomfort in my heart area. Currently it feels like pressure or an annoying discomfort but the past few days, my heart has felt like it is beating out of my chest, expecially when I am trying to sleep. I am a very healthy 21 year old, non-smoker, I drink very little caffiene and I try to excerise as much as I can. I am currently planning a wedding but it is very very small and I don't feel like I have gotten that stressed about it. I would go see a doctor but I currently have no health insurance and my employer isn't offering it. I am just hoping to tough it out for another month until I can go on my husband's insurance.... Any ideas on what it could be??? Thanks!!!!
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Tue, 09-28-2004 - 2:34pm

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Wed, 09-29-2004 - 12:35pm
Proceed with CAUTION. I am a 30 year old who was recently (3 weeks ago) diagnosed with Heart Disease. I'm extremely active, workout daily, am a professional, personal trainer, single mom, eat healthy and do NOT smoke. I was not the typical patient, but when I told my new cardiologist about my symptoms - chest pain daily - he thought I was stressed and having panic attacks. It took him a long time to finally get to the bottom of it because he assumed I was so healthy. "Do not read a book by it's cover!" After several tests (no high blood pressure, no high cholestrol, etc.) he ran a stress echogram and discovered there were problems with my heart. Finally I had an angiogram & angioplasty because I had 98% blockage in one artery and 95% in another. WOW! I have 3 stents in my arteries as a result of this. If I hadn't been so active I would not have noticed that something was truly wrong.

So if you are having pains in the heart area - no matter what age - make sure they run ALL possible test associated with the heart before they say nothing is wrong with the heart. I could not believe it, but now I'm so glad I pushed on my doctors to continue testing because the pains were not going away. Continue to workout, eat right and take a multi-vitamin! It really helps and stay FIT!

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Wed, 10-06-2004 - 12:37pm
girl, I just want to tell you not to mess with something like that. I am 51 and experienced the same thing last year==found out I had an 80% blocked artery along with one that was 40%. Had to have a stent put in and then a few months later had a double bypass. One thing women have to watch for with heart disease---do you have aching in your jaws?? That is one main sign, In women more than men.

You really need to get it checked out. The hospital always told me--even if it's indigestion, chest pain is something you never want to take for granted or mess with.



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Fri, 10-08-2004 - 9:50pm
Oh my gosh! This is such an unnerving account. I too have been experiencing sensations in my chest, arms, jaw, etc. I've had two EKGs and both were fine. My cholesterol is good and there are no incidences of heart disease in my family history. I was, however, diagnosed with Lyme Disease and wonder if, as the doctor suggests, my symptoms are to do with Lyme and not heart ailment. Thank you for the eye opener. I'll make a call to my doctor in the morning just in case.