Low EF on Co Reg with questions

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Low EF on Co Reg with questions
Sat, 11-06-2004 - 1:22pm

I'm a 37 year old cancer patient who's EF dropped to 15 thanks to either the chemotherapies I've been on for the past year, or possibly a virus.

The cardiologist started me on CoReg (3.12 mg 2xday), Lanoxin (.25 mg once a day) After a week, I still felt like crap, so he put me on a diuretic (1/2 a pill every other day.)

After two weeks at that dosage level, he doubled the Co Reg dosage and I feel like crap. Vomitting, sinusitis, coughing, I can't get warm.

My oncologist thinks my heart will recover rather quickly since we've stopped the suspect drug, but I'm wondering if anyone else had similar difficulties on these meds.



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Thu, 11-11-2004 - 2:34pm


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