Heart Attack ??????????

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Heart Attack ??????????
Wed, 11-17-2004 - 2:34pm

About 8 days ago I got this horrible heaviness, kinda tingling in my chest and broke out in cold sweats, I was completely drenched. I felt like I was going to pass out, dizzy, nauseated terrible pain in my abdomen and all the color in me drained completely, I felt like I was going to die! I felt like I could'nt stand to be in my body. My husband felt my pulse and said it was hitting really hard but slow.

It lasted for about 30 min then I fell asleep.

Since then i have had some heaviness and squeezing sensation in my chest, i am going to dr. next week.
can they tell if you had a heart attack this long after?

Thank you

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Wed, 11-17-2004 - 6:12pm


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In answer to your question - was it a heart attack? - you don't say how old you are, or if you have any reason to believe that you would be likely to suffer one, but from the symptoms that you describe, I would advise you to go and see a doctor today, and not wait for an appointment next week. The particularl collection of symptoms that you describe sound as though you could have had a heart attack, and the fact that you've still got some chest pain/heaviness going on would make me concerned that there might be something that might still need attention.

Can they tell if you had a heart attack in the past? It depends - if there is any permanent damage to your heart muscle, then that will show up on the heart tracing (ECG/EKG), and at this stage there may still be a raise in the blood tests that might indicate damage to the heart muscle that doesn't show up on the heart tracing, which can help to confirm (if you wait until next week, those levels may have gone down, which would make it harder to confirm a diagnosis if the ECG is inconclusive).

My advice would be ... go to the ER and see a doctor TODAY (Now, calling for an ambulance if you need to). Explain the symptoms that you had, particularly in the light of the fact that you have had ongoing chest tightness since, that hasn't settled down.

It is important after a heart attack that you start on medications to protect your heart muscle, and to prevent further problems, as well as being assessed to make sure that you don't need any further treatment.

Obviously, it's impossible to tell from your post on the internet whether it was or wasn't a heart attack ... but go to the doctor as a priority today, and get yourself checked out. For your peace of mind if nothing else. Don't wait until next week.

I hope that helps,
Please get back in touch and let us know how you get on. Look forward to hearing from you,
Take care
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Thu, 11-18-2004 - 2:45pm

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Fri, 11-19-2004 - 7:34pm

i went to the dr. yesterday they an ekg and said i am fine.
they didn't take my blood pressure or even listen to heart
can they everything is fine from a 5 second ekg??


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Sat, 11-20-2004 - 3:27am

I'm glad that you've been to the doctor, though it's a shame that they don't seem to have really reassured you that things are definitely ok. You've not said how old you are, or if you have any risk factors that you think would predispose you to having a heart attack (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, family history, overweight, age, etc), which makes it difficult to say whether the doctor was right or not to so quickly say that things are fine.
EKGs are very useful tools for diagnosing problems, however, they aren't foolproof and can sometimes (rarely) be completely normal despite underlying problems - they certainly don't take over from a proper physical assessment, and I would have expected the doctor to at least have done a blood pressure and pulse check, as well as listen to your heart and lungs, even if they felt blood tests were unnecessary. Was the doctor that you saw a cardiologist? Or family doctor? Did they give you any other diagnosis of what they thought the problem was?

I think that if you are still concerned, it would be worth either going back to see the same doctor, or requesting a second opinion to make sure that you get to the bottom of this problem and reassure yourself that all is well.

Hope that helps,
Let us know how you get on,
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