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Sun, 12-05-2004 - 7:34pm

Hi! friends,

Dec first at about 1.30 AM suddenly i got a twisted pain in my stomach three times, and when i got that third time i went to washroom to made me feel good. After that I found that I was sweating, having hot and like stea is coming through my legs and hands. My heart was pounding so fast and I fell down on the floor and fainted for couple of minutes. When I concious i saw my three years old daughter is crying with a cordless phone and was telling me to call a doctor. I was injured for sudden fall down. I went emergency and Dr. Did ecg, Blood test , Bp and everything came out normal. Dr. told me It could be for over stress or for thingking a lot. They will give me a monitor to check my heart beat. I will go to see my family physian soon.

Did anyone experience that kind of symptom? I am scared,because i don't know why that happen. I have lack of iron defficency and sometimes i feel pain in hands joints.
If anyone knows about anything, please write me.

thank you.


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