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Hi. I am a 32 year old female. Since September I've had heart irregularities. Usually while in activity, I feel as if my heart stops and then I have 3-4 super fast if it's trying to catch up, of course I'm short of breath during these episodes.

I was hospitalized in October with piercing chest pain. An echo revealed an anuerysm in the heart ( a swelling caused my the virus they said) Also my troponin (a cardiac enzyme) levels were high.Even though ekg's and echo's were "normal" the pain and discomfort continued and they did an angiogram. No blockage was found and I was released the next day with naproxen and coreg (a beta blocker)

I followed up with the cardiologist 30 days later and he put me on 81mg of asprin as a precaution and took me off the other medicines. Told me I was good to go. I told him I still experienced these episodes occasionally. He told me that my heart would be weak for some time.

Earlier this week, I experienced the same symptoms and was re-hospitalized. This time my troponin levels were 2.3. Again echo's and ekg's normal. Hoever this time my blood pressure is at 80/33. I am getting a second opinion because this cardiologist is not for me. I have asked my PCP for a referral to a different hospital and told him I would like a stress echo...since my symptoms occur with activity.

I am only 32,very healthy, athletic, I'm 5'6" and weigh 125 pounds. My cholesterol is fantastic. On paper, I am not a canditate for heart disease.And because of thst I feel that my symptoms are being ignored.

Anybody experience this or heard of this?

Sorry for the long post and thanks!


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Welcome to this fine board Myrna.



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I feel for you-I have had tachycardia for years and now atrial flutter,but because I was not the right"group" for heart problems I was ignored also. On top of that I have a mental illness(controlled),but I had docs look at my file and decide I was'loony" etc until they checked my vitals. It's so frustrating and makes me want to choke them when they treat you like a "typical woman"