Confused and scared

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Confused and scared
Fri, 05-27-2005 - 6:46am
I never in my wildest dreams thought I would have to visit this board. I am 52 and I thought a very healthy female(no signs of menopause yet). I went to the Dr. yesterday for what I thought was my bronchial asthma acting up.They did a lung test and my lungs are fine. After some more checking and me telling her my symptoms, my Dr. very seriously looked at me and said it is not your lungs ,I am worried about your heart. I thought I would fall through the floor.There is no history of heart disiease in my family, I excersise every day, I do not eat meat or a high fat diet. She is sending me for a stress test to start(she suspects escemshia(not sure if I spelled it right). Has anyone ever heard of this? Several years ago I got a viral lung infection that took 6 months to get better. She also told me that the lungs and heart go hand in hand(so who know if this affected my heart. anyhow I am very scared and just wanted some input. Thank you for you help in advance.
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Tue, 05-31-2005 - 3:25pm

First of all welcome to this fine board of folks.



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Wed, 06-01-2005 - 6:27am
Hi, cecilia, thank you for your response. Well, I had the stress, test, ekg, and echo cardiogram. I aced everything. Not even a skipped heartbeat. Funny you mentioned did she do and ekg, because that was the first thing they asked me when I got there. The heart Dr. said many things can cause palpations and shortnes of breath. I still say it was because I was having a hard time breathing. I am still raspy in the chest(seasonal). When I had the lung virus, the Drs. told me that I was left with scar tissue and bronchial asthma(which only acts up occassionally).I have to go back this week and I will let her know this is the first time I am upset with her. Again thank you for your concern. Now I want to read that caffeine post I just saw.
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Sun, 06-26-2005 - 9:35am

((((reenie))) Have some cyber hugs for your stress level. Of course, you have been thrown into a fit of concern for your health.

First of all, good for you for doing all the exercise up until this point. That will make the stress test easier. Be sure they know you are active, because that will change the starting point. Are you at all familiar with the procedures that are involved in a stress test? They are very safe, and better still if you have any problems, there are a gazillion safety fall backs....right there.

Ischemia? Did she do an ECG? If she did, then she can make such a diagnosis. A second opinion will most likely still lead to a stress test. Which is a good thing. Two things will come from a stress test. Baseline data that can be used to help you for the rest of your life. If the test shows a healthy heart: WONDERFUL!! If it shows some sort of problem: WONDERFUL....because you have most likely caught the problem really early, and it will be something that is fairly easy to control and resolve.

Even being good for most of your life can not always prevent a problem. BUT imagine if you had not exercised for all those years, you may not even be here anymore. So it was not all for nothing, it was very important!! Good for you!!!

Try and push back your worry, you are being very proactive about your health. There is nothing more to do except get your second opinion and do your uber-cool stress test. (sorry I am a big exercise nerd and think these things are incredibly cool).

Please if you have any questions about stress tests and ischemia, please let me know. I am a big geek and can hopefully put your mind at ease by arming you with information.

I always feel better when I find out information about a problem.

Sending hugs and good thoughts your way.
Take care,