What to expect with stress echo?

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What to expect with stress echo?
Sun, 07-31-2005 - 9:42pm
I'm going for a stress echo Wednesday. What can I expect? Just how long are you on the treadmill and how fast will they get it going? I have lower back issues and can't run. I read you are "encouraged to exercise until you are exhausted." What does this mean exactly? Assuming there's nothing wrong with the ticker ... will a normal person used to mild exercise be totally worn out and breathless? I'm also concerned about the no food for 4 hours rule ... I seem to have reactive hypoglycemia and 4 hours after a light meal I'm starting to get very weak and shaky; I can't imagine exerting myself to that extent at that point.
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Sun, 07-31-2005 - 11:11pm

hopefully someone will come along with more info for you on the stress echo test. As to the 4 hours without food, you could mention the hypoglycemia to them and see if that can be altered. Otherwise, make that last meal a high protein meal with complex carbs. No sugar, flour or the like. Something like scrambled eggs and a side of 'real' oatmeal (not instant or flavored) should sustain you long enough to get through the test.

Work the treadmill as best as you can, the alternative is a drug to speed up your heart rate and my understanding is that this is not a pleasant experience. I believe the goal is to see how your heart functions when under stress.... being worked. A fast pace on the treadmill should get the heart rate up for most people.

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