Just curious...

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Just curious...
Tue, 01-31-2006 - 5:21pm

What are the problems with your heart? Does it stem from a birth defect or was it something that developed later on? Have you had a stent, heart bypass, or any open heart surgery at all?

Sorry for the 20 questions, but because I deal with severe heart probs, I'm always curious about others' heart diagnosis and prognosis.

I have had a stent placed in my groin and my heart has made two of it's own bypasses. When the latter occurs, surgery becomes unnecessary because you can't fix it if it isn't broken. High cholesterol is what caused my arteries to clog, unbeknowst to me. I now take 3 prescription meds for cholesterol, 2 for high blood pressure, and a daily dose of aspirin. The cardiolgist has explained that if the third artery begins to clog, my luck will probably have run out because it would be very rare for the heart to make even a third bypass. Living on borrowed time? I guess I am. But I'm enjoying life to the fullest,,, For me personally, I'm glad I have the time to do the things I enjoy and letting my family and friends know every day

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Tue, 01-31-2006 - 5:55pm

I have had my problems since I was born.

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