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Thu, 02-09-2006 - 8:16pm
Not that it's much of an update - but I did call my Dr. today and they got me in this afternoon. She listened, asked me some questions and they did a 12 lead EKG - normal sinus rhythm, which is good, but she also took a CDC and is checking my thyroid hormone levels, just to make sure everything's WNL - and then she referred me to a cardiologist to perhaps wear a halter monitor for a day to see if when I feel these palpitations they can see what's goin' on. So, I guess it's better to be safe then sorry - it's just so random that this is happening, I've never felt anything like this before - it's not painful or anything, just a weird fluttery sensation and it almost feels like I can't catch my breath for 1/2 a second. Well, in any event, she didn't seem concerned and she said it may very well be nothing, but wants to check it out in case.
Thanks for your input and I'll update you all once I see the cardiologist and have some answers...
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Thu, 02-09-2006 - 9:46pm
I am so glad you went to the doctors.
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Fri, 02-10-2006 - 2:46am
Good for you, Cat! I've been through everything you've said they want to do with you. I had to sleep with that holter monitor thing and that was the only bad thing about it all. I've also gone through 2 heart catheters in the past 5 years and that's a breeze, too. Well, good luck to you and I'll be anxiously waiting for another update!