Cause of burning, heavy feeling in chest

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Cause of burning, heavy feeling in chest
Sun, 02-24-2008 - 11:11pm


For the last week, I've had a feeling of heaviness in my chest, right where my heart is, and now the last two days, some burning too.

I'm 41, fit and never had heart issues before.

Anyone else had this?

Going to see a doctor Monday.

Thanks very much!


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Mon, 02-25-2008 - 12:22am

Hi, Michael, and welcome to the board!!

Actually, it sounds to me as though you might be experiencing heartburn, due to GERD or maybe a hiatal hernia, but don't take that as gospel. Is where you're feeling the heaviness and burning more in the center of your chest?

Michael, please know that age nor physical fitness keeps one from having certain heart issues. How is your cholesterol? Any high blood pressure? Are you having to deal with a lot of stress lately? Could you perhaps fill in the blanks for me?

I want to do anything I can to help and support you and that's the reason I'm asking the 20 questions. I'm glad to know that you will be seeing your doctor tomorrow!



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Mon, 02-25-2008 - 12:34am


Very kind of you to answer, and with such details.

Thank you.

The discomfort, as I can't really call it pain, is primarily over my heart, where it feels heavy and lately, is a burning feeling.

Yes, a tremendous amount of stress lately, but I usually have stress in my life. Been drinking green tea, started eating oily fish today and trying to relax but a little concerned, obviously.

Had an EKG and a cholesterol test in the last year for a life insurance policy and all checked out fine, I assume. Maybe my blood pressure is high but not certain but I guess I'll find that out tomorrow.

So have you had similar symptoms as well, Geri?

Thank you again for your time, experience and knowledge.

Good health,


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Mon, 02-25-2008 - 1:01pm

Hi Michael,

Glad to hear the doctor's taking care of you!

If I start feeling a heavy heart or symptoms of warmth or heartburn, I firstly associate this with the temperature of my body.

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Mon, 02-25-2008 - 5:29pm

Hi Michaelx24,

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Mon, 02-25-2008 - 6:03pm

I like the idea of the cold drinks. That advice would have certainly helped last night when it felt like there was a fire in my chest.

Your kind words and suggestions were definitely well received.

Thank you for taking some time to share some support and insight.

You have a good week.


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Mon, 02-25-2008 - 6:11pm

Cholesterol test...good idea.

Your comments on stress, so very true. Over time, it can break down a body significantly.

Went to the doctor today, spent two hours there. They had me lie down and they had me take oxygen for a while (wasn't expecting that), then an EKG test. Next, they took blood. After that, chest x-rays.

Finally, he cracked my back like a chiropractor. He said he doesn't think it is cardiac related but is requesting a previous EKG test and lab results (from an application for life insurance) to compare notes.

I'm still feeling heaviness over my heart and have had had some headaches and some occasional throbbing, no jokes intended here, in my groin, as in upper thighs.

Asked at the end if I was in any immediate danger and the doctor said he doubts it. We'll see how I feel in the next couple of days or so.

Thanks very much for your concern and message. Grateful.

Good health to you and have a good week.

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Sat, 03-08-2008 - 8:13am


How did your visit with the doctor go?

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Sat, 03-08-2008 - 2:09pm


Thanks for writing and sharing the link.

I did go to the doctor and he took blood, gave me an EKG and took chest x-rays.

His diagnosis was it was not cardiac. He thought it was muscular skeletal.

A week later I still have discomfort in my left shoulder blade, heaviness where my heart is, daily temple headaches (and I never get headaches), and now, moderate to severe underarm pain.

Doing a lot of internet research, trying to match up symptoms and the only thing I can come up with is coronary artery disease. To say I'm heavily concerned is an understatement. I know, despite what my doctor said, something is wrong. I have an appointment Monday with another doctor.

Thank you again for the reminder not to take things lightly. I'm very sorry to hear you have had personal tragedies in your life with this health issue.

Being but 41 and having two young daughters, I'm not ready to have something serious happen because I believed one medical opinion I know is not complete.

You were very kind to write.