QOTW 1/5/2009

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QOTW 1/5/2009
Sun, 01-04-2009 - 8:23pm

Though I have never tried the natural remedies for my health, I know people who swear by it. Others claim



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Mon, 01-05-2009 - 12:13pm
Depending on the problem or sickness,
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Tue, 01-06-2009 - 1:03pm
I'd prefer natural I guess but don't usually find much that works for what ailment I may have. I usually have to go to the Doc for help.

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Thu, 01-08-2009 - 7:39pm

Hi Geri and thanks for your earlier welcome,

I had a heart attack and depression 4 years ago

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Thu, 01-08-2009 - 10:43pm
I haven't tried any natural treatments for my health.
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