I will be MIA

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I will be MIA
Thu, 04-23-2009 - 12:59am

I have gotten my dh's lovely cold and I'm one big ache all over. Sneezing and coughing. Because previous colds have resulted in pneumonia, I'm going to lay around and do nothing the rest of this week. I haven't had a cold in 3+ years!

With Heart Hugs ~



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Thu, 04-23-2009 - 9:42am
Sending healing energy your way. I hope you feel better SOONEST! Take good care of you! :) {{{HUGS!}}}




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Fri, 04-24-2009 - 7:05pm

Hi Geri, Sending healing thoughts and virtual tea and chicken soup to help you feel better real soon.

We'll miss you, but take good care of yourself, We need you!!!

{{{BIG hugs}}}

Rhonda in CA