What's a Normal Heart Rate?

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What's a Normal Heart Rate?
Mon, 05-18-2009 - 12:55pm

What's a Normal Heart Rate?

Heart rate is measured by counting the number of beats per minute. Normal heart rate varies depending on factors like age and whether the person leads an active lifestyle or not (for example, trained athletes such as a teen or adult who plays competitive sports often have a lower resting heart rate).

The normal range for resting heart rate decreases from infancy to adulthood. An infant's normal resting heart rate from age 0–3 months is usually between 100 to 150 beats per minute. A child between the ages of 1–3 years typically has a resting heart rate of 70 to 110 beats per minute, and by 12 years of age will have a normal resting heart rate between 55 to 85 beats per minute.

An abnormally fast heart rate is call tachycardia. An abnormally slow rate is called bradycardia. Your doctor should help you determine whether or not your child's heart rate is abnormally fast or slow, since the significance of an abnormal heart rate depends on the situation. For example, an older child or adult with bradycardia might begin to show symptoms when his or her heart rate drops below 50 beats per minute. However, trained athletes have a lower resting heart rate — so bradycardia in these individuals isn't considered abnormal if no symptoms are associated with it.



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Interesting! Thank you! I've noticed since getting in better shape with my long walks, and losing weight, that my average resting heart rate now is high 50's or about 60. Before, it was high 70s and even low 80s.




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You're very welcome, Gypsy! Your hard work is certainly paying off and I'm happy for you!