Our Daily Meds...

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Our Daily Meds...
Mon, 06-08-2009 - 12:46pm
Just wanted to share this book that has some interesting information we should all be aware of, given so many of us are on Rx's for various health issues:

Our Daily Meds by Melody Peterson.


"An “angrily illuminating” (The New York Times) exposé of Big Pharma’s corrupting influence in America today

In the last thirty years, pharmaceutical companies have seized control of American medicine by putting their marketers in charge. They invent diseases in order to sell the pills that "cure" them. They sway doctors by giving them resort vacation, gourmet meals, and fistfuls of cash. They advertise prescription drugs at NASCAR races, on subways, and even in churches. Medicines can save lives, but the relentless promotion of these products has come at tremendous cost. Prescription pills taken as directed are estimated to kill one American every five minutes. More Americans are addicted to medications than cocaine. And roads have become less safe as the over-medicated take to the wheel. In Our Daily Meds, journalist Melody Petersen connects the dots to show how subtle, far-reaching, and dangerous Big Pharma's powers have become."


Anybody read this? I recently had a dosage upped for blood pressure, and it caused some nasty side effects that were *not* there on the lower dosage: psychological/emotional problems, swollen ankles, high thirst & hunger, unsought for or worked for weight loss, vision issues that made me think I needed a new Rx for my glasses, extreme tiredness all the time, aches & pains in joints, random racing heartbeat, among other things! YIKES! I finally connected with these unhealthy changes, emailed my doctor of the side effects along with a log of my blood pressure readings. She cut the dosage back down, which is a good thing or I would have done it myself, LOL! :O Also, ironically, my blood pressure readings are doing alright again, too. So the slight edge she wanted came at too huge a price to my health and quality of life. No thank you! Consumer beware! :((




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Tue, 06-09-2009 - 2:30pm
Oh, Gypsy, I cannot thank you enough for posting this information! We need to be more aware of drug dosages and certain types of drugs. Instead of healing, some prescribed medication can be harmful.