Champagneonice how are ya?

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Champagneonice how are ya?
Fri, 06-19-2009 - 4:35pm

Hey Geri. How are you doing? Been thinking about you. Have you seen the Dr yet? Found out anything?

Just been praying and wondering how you are doing.

Rhonda in CA

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Fri, 06-19-2009 - 9:39pm

Hi, Rhonda. I'm doing okay, really. Thank you SO much for your concern, thoughts and prayers! The cardiology office wanted to schedule me for July 8, but I have out-of-state family arriving on the 8th. The soonest I could get in after that is July 24. More family are to be here around the 26 or 27, so declined the 24 appointment. I know I probably shouldn't have, but I don't get to see these particular family members too often.

Anyway, they told me to call them once I was ready to be seen and they'd do what they could to get me in asap. I have been doing a bit better, but still have a day now and again where I'm just not up to par.

I'll stay in touch here on the board and keep you all updated. Again thank you! You're a blessing!