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I"m 26 and found that my cholesterol is through the roof. I have a month before I go back to see if it came down. What should I be doing though? The doc did give me some information, but I eat healthy..well most of the time. I stay away from fast food, don't smoke, but don't run enough and love mexican food.

I don't understand avoiding avocados...i love them..and they're a good fat. What should I be looking for on labels? I've been thinking as long as the saturated fat is zero/ really low than I should be ok..but then I see there is cholesterol also listed..??

I really don't want to take cholesterol medicine at 26. Both my parents do take it; I knew it was coming..but at 26? I'm not overweight, in good shape. I'm paranoid now.

I just need information. I don't know what is right or wrong out there.


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Here are some links that should help:

To reduce my bad cholesterol, I eat only fat free dairy, like milk, yogurt, sour cream, ice cream, cottage cheese, etc. I eat low fat cheese only. Pay attention to serving sizes. Stay away from packaged, processed foods. Lean meats. No skin on chicken. ;) No frying: grill, broil, bake. Use healthy oils only like canola or olive oil. Use lowfat mayo. At least 5 servings fruits & veggies. Whole grains -- no white flour breads, or white rice. I don't eat butter at all. Use heart healthy margerines if you must. This is what I do now. I had 3 vessels replaced in my heart in mid March because they were totally clogged. :(( too many years of eating full fat dairy, fast foods, too much butter, ice cream, etc. <:=//

Maybe track for a week or a few days what you are actually eating, paying attention to serving sizes and quantity. Then look at total fat content consumed each day. See what you are actually eating. You should be able to reduce your bad cholesterol by going to a low fat eating lifestyle, continuing your exercise and weight maintenance. It might take some time to make the changes stick. If you can avoid going on a statin drug, I think it would be great, especially at your age. But it *will* mean taking a long hard look at what you eat, what the actual cholesterol and fat content is, and making the permanent changes necessary.

Hope this helps! Good luck! :)




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It is a "Lifestyle" change.
Some things you cannot control but other things you can...and the key is moderation.
It's hard cutting out so why not cut back.
For me I thought I ate pretty healthy, don't smoke, am not overweight, walked a lot, and was not a fast-food junkie and have never been a pop-drinker etc.
What I didn't know either that my cholesterol was high...extremely high and I do have to take medication.
My beloved mom died of a heart and my younger sister and I are both having issues with cholesterol and blood pressure.
I had a heart attack a year ago in May.
It sure scared my family doctor...and me.
So I take my meds and try to read labels but I was already doing that.
Salt is something to you might want to discuss with your doctor, we need it but a lot of foods..."processed" have a high concentration of it.
My doctor actually gave me a diet sheet so I could have an idea of what to avoid or eat more in moderation.
My heart guy and my family doctor both said it's hard to do this all at once but if you begin with very small steps it soon becomes a way of life for you.
An ex-fiancé of mine didn't get it that eating right is not ONLY important to me but it could save my Life.
I want to be around for the long haul.
If you are in doubt about something ask you doctor or your local health unit or hosptial dietitian for some helpful hints.
I have cut back on eggs, and although I love them hot dogs are not good, bacon, a lot of meats you should eliminate or at least cut back on and they told me deli meats.
Also some sauces and things I loved like sour cream, butter...yum yum are now out of my diet or like the other poster said maybe try low-fat or half and half.
It takes a bit of time to unlearn unhealthy eating habits so give yourself a bit of slack.
I read you said you like Mexican food.
Maybe have it once a week or once a month rather than eliminating or cutting it out altogether.
Wean yourself gradually off of things that you think might not be helping you.
When I did it I was pretty gung-ho but learnt it has to be done slowly and I can still have certain things but in moderation...
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I am a senior and had high cholesterol, I have been taking the vitamin Cholest Off. It brought my cholesterol down to 135. I got off the medication that the doctor gave me.

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Sun, 07-12-2009 - 5:16pm

What should I be doing though?

I'm not sure about the question.

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Welcome to heart Health, Seattlegrl!! I'm glad you've joined us!

The others posters gave you some valuable suggestions and ideas, as well as links to more information. What I'm confused by is your being advised to avoid avocados. Avocados are known for their health benefits, including lowering bad cholesterol.

A popular myth is that young people do not have problems with high cholesterol, high blood pressure or heart issues. That is soooo untrue! Heart problems and it's causes are not partial to only the middle-aged or elderly. (Much the same as cancer or diabetes.)

Here are a couple of links for you to try to better understand the benefits of consuming avocados...

Please drop back by and let us know how you're doing, okay? We'll certainly be thinking of you and wishing you the best of everything!

Heart Hugs, Geri



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Sun, 07-12-2009 - 11:23pm
Just to welcome you to Heart Health!! Thanks so much for your post!



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Hi Cholesterol !!!!!

I read your post and found it very interesting.
What do you plan to do to beat your cholesterol??

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Welcome to Heart Health, Anouhak!!



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Tue, 07-21-2009 - 4:51pm

While you are young to have high cholesterol, you certainly have an advantage in that you might be able to lower it through diet and exercise.

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My experience and research shows a direct relationship between blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels and the consumption of carbohydrates. If you want to lower your cholesterol, reduce your intake of carbohydrates, especially simple carbs. like candy, cookies,pies,cakes, etc. The truth is fats are not what cause cholesterol to go up it is the carbohydrates in your diet. Keep eating those avocados they are very good for you!