Lipitor? Health Insurance?

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Lipitor? Health Insurance?
Wed, 09-02-2009 - 4:43pm
I have no health insurance. My doctor tells me I need Lipitor. I found an online source that sells it for about $0.98/pill at . I think it is legitimate but I worried that it takes two weeks for shipping. Does anyone have any other ideas about where to get it cheaply?
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Fri, 09-04-2009 - 12:01am
At the local pharmacy or walmart.
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Fri, 09-04-2009 - 3:56pm

Hi, Starbutterfly, and welcome to the board!!

I clicked on the link in your post and checked out the Progressiveiverx website. Unfortunately, I had never heard of that site before, so I can't really tell you if it's a legitimate prescription drug site or not. I feel I must caution you, however, about using a site that you're unfamiliar with. Too many kooks out there!

I do have some resources for you if you'd like to check them out....

Medication Assistance Resources
Free medications from retailers
Pharmaceutical aid programs
and more

I hope this helps and should you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to let us know. Btw, I also take Lipitor and have for several years and it's been a blessing. (For want of a