To Hopewellnana,,,,

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To Hopewellnana,,,,
Tue, 11-10-2009 - 8:49pm

I, too, have a stent and sleep apnea. I use a CPAP when sleeping. I know this is a bit personal, but are you overweight by any chance? I am and everything I've learned about sleep apnea suggests losing weight and sometimes the sleep apnea will 'disappear' altogether. I'm slowly losing some pounds, but not quickly enough to suit me. Keep using your CPAP and follow your doctor's orders where your heart health is concerned. (I left you a welcome post in reply to one of yours, but I can't remember what post it was.) I'm glad you're onboard with us!

With heart hugs ~



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Fri, 11-13-2009 - 6:32pm
I used to think I was OW (overwht) except now, I'm