Aortic aneurisym??

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Aortic aneurisym??
Sat, 12-12-2009 - 6:42pm
I will try to put all symptoms in here without being too confusing:
Tuesday: I sneezed and had a horrible tearing feeling In my abdomen two inches to the left of my navel.
Wednesday: went to dr thinking maybe a hernia. Abdominal ultrasound found everything to
be fine. Come back if it gets worse.
Wednesday night: woke up with extreme heart burn and asthma like
symptoms ( I don't have asthma) took some tums and used sons inhaler.
Thursday: I felt pretty good. I could feel a little tenderness in my stomach
were I felt the tear but otherwise fine.
Friday: I was out doing errands and felt an odd pulse/ bulging feeling
below my sternum two inches to the right. It feels like if you were pregnant
a babies foot every now and then pushing out. It does it once then stops
them a few mins later does it again. This went on all day into the evening. I got
a migraine later that evening so I took my perscription imitrex about
15 mins later the pulse feeling was gone.
Today, Saturday I am again having that pulse/ pushing feeling in the
same spot.
I started googling possibilities and from what I read maybe it's an
aortic aneurism? It's seems lime the tearing feeling in my abdomen and
this new feeling by my sternum have to be connected some how?
I'm 41 years old a d other than migraines I am healthy. Any thoughts?
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Sun, 12-13-2009 - 10:53pm
Thanks for your reply. I will go back to the dr if things don't get better.
I hate to go in if it's just something that will get better on it's own. As for stress, yes I am
pretty stressed but no different than I have been for quite awhile.
We lost our daughter to leukemia at the age of 11 on 12/8/07 so this
time of year is hard. Our son who is 7 also had leukemia but is done
with treatment now but he has been constantly sick so I've been worrying.
So maybe it is just stress. I guess I had those things "under control"
but maybe not as much as I thought. I will go back if I need too. So far
things havnt gotten any worse maybe a little better. Thank you again.
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Sun, 12-13-2009 - 9:12pm


Hi! I'm very happy to meet you! And I wish I had answers for you, but unfortunately, I'm confused myself. It could very well be GERD, but it may be something else entirely. As for an aneurisym, my suggestion would be to see your doctor again asap. Hopefully, he will send you to a cardiologist right away. Have you perhaps been under a lot of stress lately? There are different things that may be associated with the symptoms you're having. Don't leave one stone unturned.

The Internet is a bad place to search for information. We all do it, of course, but the more you read, the more anxious you become. Some sites are reliable while others are not.

Let us know what your findings are, okay? You'll be in my thoughts.

With heart Hugs ~



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Sun, 12-13-2009 - 10:43am
Here's something possibly related.