Quiet around here

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Quiet around here
Sun, 04-11-2010 - 9:21pm

Wow....sure is quiet around here since Geri left us...

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Sat, 04-17-2010 - 2:33pm

Hey Rhonda, I am still here.

Lurk sometimes...

Don't always have access and some days my RA is getting the BEST of "ME"...kwim?

My blood-pressure was up and my doctor says they might have to adjust the meds I am on for that...:(...increase the dosage I guess...

Started mtx and my they have increased the dosage of that...:(

Just a lot going on.

We have had crazy weather here to.

Hail, snow, sunny but cold, then sunny but very windy...last night it was unreal...I live on the third floor of an apartment building and it was just "howling" the wind.

Hopefully it will warm up soon.

Looking forward to being able to finally get out on my balcony.

It's seems like it has been a long Winter and Spring isn't too promising here yet.

I miss Geri to!


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Mon, 04-12-2010 - 11:20am
It is a bit quiet around here, isn't it?