Do you monitor your BP at home?

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Do you monitor your BP at home?
Fri, 07-09-2010 - 2:35pm

Do you monitor your BP at home?

  • Yes, I have the equipment and monitor it daily.
  • Yes, on occasion.
  • No, but I do check it at the pharmacy/grocery store.
  • No
  • Other, please share.

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Mon, 07-12-2010 - 2:01pm

I check

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Mon, 07-12-2010 - 10:42am
Good for you Gypsy!

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Sat, 07-10-2010 - 1:28pm

It would just "Stress" me out even more...kwim?

Sometimes at the doctor's they will check it twice, they know sometimes it might be a little higher at first when you come in.

Mine is high partly due to the RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) and also medications.

They do keep an eye on family doctor had intended to increase my medication.

I know when it's up usually because I haven't taken my medication.

I don't do that too often...:(

I know better.

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Sat, 07-10-2010 - 1:13pm

I answered other. I do not monitor mine at home. My blood pressure has always been good.

My DH has high blood pressure issues and does monitor his at home.

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Sat, 07-10-2010 - 11:07am
We own our own cuff and take our BP periodically, both DH & I. I don't do it *daily,* but I do it several times per week, and keep a written log for emailing my doc periodically, in between appts. :)

In my case, it's really a good thing because I have "white coat syndrome," in that my BP readings are always high when taken by the nurse or doctor. LOL! :P I've been on BP meds for nearly 30 years and somehow, when going in and getting it read, it becomes an issue of "personal worth." :o/ And I worry they'll say, "oh too high," and raise the dosage of an Rx, and then I'll have nasty side effects. This just happened this past week with my cardiologist visit, and she said, predictably, if the BP stays up she would have to change something in my Rx's. UGH! I told her (she's new to me) about my "white coat syndrome," and also that we'd done that right after surgery with a couple of the new Rx's post-heart surgery, and I had nasty side effects as a result that reduced my quality of life, and I had to back off the higher dosages. I told her I wasn't willing to go through that again. :( So, since the readings weren't dangerously high, she let me go and ask that I send her some logged home readings in the next couple of weeks... So, if indeed taking our own at home influences our bodies to lower our BP, I'm all for it. ROFL! :D When I take my BP after I sit quietly for about 10 minutes after my daily walk with Mika dog (60+minutes/day), my readings have been great since my doctor appt. earlier this week. So, I know it's the "white coat syndrome" coupled with having not had time to walk before my morning doctor appt. So I'm just not willing to reduce my quality of life if I don't have to, and it takes a lot to convince me I need more drugs or higher dosages.





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Fri, 07-09-2010 - 2:37pm

I was just reading an article about how monitoring your blood pressure at home could help to keep it low.