abnormal heart rythems

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abnormal heart rythems
Mon, 07-12-2010 - 5:35pm
i am a lost soul in the medical arena. i have had a six months of confusion about what is wrong with my heart. I need to somehow vent my concerns and wish there was someone out there like me or has gone through this. i had a slow heart rate that was life threatening and got a pace maker, then i had fast heart rates with up and down blood pressure. So then an ablation, heart rhythms continued to get worse and now on meds and looking at another ablation surgery. I don't feel confident in what happening to me is the best or right but am too confused to know for sure.
Is there a chat line i could use with people who have gone through this themselves? I would appreciate any helpful direction.
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Tue, 07-13-2010 - 9:40am
Please feel free to vent away here.
I am not too familiar with your situation.
Will try and find out some information for you, there may be someone here who knows and is more familiar.
I know at first I was afraid to ask any questions, now I do and they probably think "endlessly".
My heart guy though said he has no problem with that at ALL.
Since having the courage to ask away anything it's been such a relief.
After my heart attack I had pain but was at first hesitant to ask about it but he told me never to be afraid, there are no "dumb" questions.
I am hoping one of our posters "chimes" in, in the meantime Welcome to our Heart Health Board.

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Tue, 07-13-2010 - 9:57am