Not sure??

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Not sure??
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Hello, I am not sure if I am posting in the right place. I just want somewhere where I can talk to people and get answers.
In April of this year I was diagnosed with hypertension. I am 20 years old, I am not overweight, my normal weight is 8 1/2 stone, my mum also does have hypertension She got it after the age of 40.

My BP readings over time were
160/100(not sure about this one)

I have had a kidney scan, blood tests and was placed on medication(amlopidine mg daily) Bloods and kidney scan came back clear. I have an appointment on 20 Aug for an cardiology appt and an ECG. My twin sister also has it, although hers was only borderline when I was diagnosed with blood pressure, hers is now increasing. Can high BP be hereditary?

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Welcome to the board! :) Welcome to the board! :) And {{{HUGS!}}} It is very good that you are under treatment with your doctor! High blood pressure often has no symptoms, but left untreated can lead to serious problems. It is also good you are going to have an EKG and other evaluations. You are young and it is good they are checking thoroughly with blood tests as well. As you think of questions, I would also write them down and take them with you to your next appt. Once your doctor has a clearer picture of your overall health as well as your blood pressure, I'm sure there will be recommendations for any changes in your lifestyle that might help with your blood pressure, along with your medication. I hope you get the answers you need. :)

Here's a link from the American Heart Association that might answer some of your questions:

Here's some of what this link says:

"What factors increase a person's risk of developing high blood pressure?

Medical science doesn't understand what causes most cases of high blood pressure, so it's hard to say how to prevent it. Several factors may contribute to it.

Risk Factors That Can't Be Controlled

* Heredity. People whose parents or other close blood relatives have high blood pressure are more likely to develop it themselves.

* Race. African Americans are more likely to have high blood pressure than Caucasians, and it tends to occur earlier and be more severe.

* Increasing age. Blood pressure tends to increase with age, and occurs most often in people older than age 35. Men have a greater risk of high blood pressure than women until age 45. From age 45–54, the percentages of men and women are similar. After age 55, women are more likely to develop high blood pressure than men are.

Controllable Risk Factors

* Sedentary or inactive lifestyle. Try to get at least 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity on most days.

* Heavy alcohol consumption. Heavy and regular use of alcohol can increase blood pressure dramatically.

* Sodium (salt) sensitivity.

* Obesity and overweight.

* Stress

Another web site I like for getting information is the Mayo Clinic one:

Hope some of this helps!





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Thanks Gypsy!