update on my stress test

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update on my stress test
Thu, 09-02-2010 - 3:40pm

Well I had my Cardio stress test this morning. They used something called Myoplex or something like that. I can't remember, but it was not cardiolyte. I have a big headache now, which is a side effect they said. I don't remember having a headache 2 years ago when I had the test, so maybe this medication is different. Saw the dr after the test and he said the preliminary results show a little more plaque than last time, but not enough to cause much concern. But I am concerned...LOL I know I have to start exercising regularly and really watching what I eat.

Anyway, just wanted to send an update.

Rhonda in Ca

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Sat, 09-04-2010 - 6:28pm
Hi Rhonda, thanks for your up-date, it's much appreciated.
Sorry I didn't respond sooner.
Maybe we can support one another.
I try to get out but am having some difficulty with walking, with mobility issues due to the "Arthritis" and with ALL the heat and humidity this summer exercise has not been too high on my priority list.
It has cooled off as of last night but we also got rain...strong winds.
Has helped the inflammation.
I love the cooler weather, makes it so much easier.
Watching what I eat definitely is something I am very aware of.
Label reader.
Do you have any favourite recipes?
Maybe we ALL can share one here with each other.
Off to look for one of mine...