How to get started?

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How to get started?
Sat, 11-14-2009 - 11:39pm

How do you get started working out? I am married, mother of 3, and working 2 jobs. I have endless fatigue, obesity for my age

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Sun, 11-15-2009 - 9:57am
You have a very busy and full life. It is always amazing that as women we forget to take time for us. I would start walking outside with your dd in the stroller. Once around the block. Ask your older children if they want to come. Make it a connecting time with your kids. Then you've gotten your walk in and spent time with the kids. No guilt. It is amazing how the fatigue drops away when you go out for 15 min. Start small, but start the habit. It sounds like you are overworked and overscheduled. Think about it this way, if you get sick, what happens to your family?

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Sun, 11-15-2009 - 2:57pm


I know how it is to work so much and just be so exhausted that you can't do anything else. I'm going to give you some advice. I used to live in Miami and to survive we both had to work 2 jobs. I was exhausted, and had no time at all to do anything for myself. Free time was spent sleeping. I didn't see my husband much as he worked nights and then slept and then ran out of the house for his first job, came home, gulped dinner down while getting dressed for his second job. I did work at home but worked about 80 hours a week. All of this work, netted me nothing at all over survival. It sucked. I was unhappy. I yearned to have time to read, exercise, spend time with hubby, etc.

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Sun, 11-15-2009 - 9:42pm
((Hugs)) Sounds like you are very overworked right now..I would start off very slowly and build up.. As for when, I would try to get up in the morning to do it. I know for me if it doesn't happen in the morning it just won't happen at all. You feel sooo good when you get done and have the rest of the day ahead of you. I would start off and strive for maybe 3 days a week and see how that works for you.