He stays hard after he cums??

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He stays hard after he cums??
Tue, 10-19-2004 - 12:26pm
This might be a silly question but I am going to ask it anyway. My BF usually cums after about 10 minutes of intercourse but he stays hard and keeps going. I guess I always thought that they went limp after they cum. He just gets more sensitive but he always keeps going because it takes me a little longer. Is this common??

Thanks in advance.



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Tue, 10-19-2004 - 1:51pm
Some guys do and some don't.
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Tue, 10-19-2004 - 3:23pm
Consider yourself lucky! and enjoy it. AS men get older this ability decreases a bit. In my early 20's I could stay hard for 2 or 3 sessions with 1 hour or so and go 7-10 times a day. Now the erections sometimes stay around for another 10 minutes or so sometimes I need a 30 minute rest to get there
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Tue, 10-19-2004 - 3:52pm
Oh don't get me wrong, I am definitely not complaining!! I love it. I was just seeing how common it is. I figure it won't last forever, but we are young (I'm 21, he's 27) and I don't see us getting married so I'm not too worried about it. Sorry, that was really shallow! I love the guy, and would love to spend the rest of my life with him, but he doesn't feel the same.

Anyway, the moral of this story is the sex is great. I will just take it for what it's worth now and enjoy my time with him.



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Fri, 10-22-2004 - 3:10am

Did you see the "He's just not that into you!" Opra show? I think they should replay it. Again and again and again.

I hope you are changing condoms after he ejactulates.

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Fri, 10-22-2004 - 6:09am

Is he wearing a condom? Ejaculating into latex is not as satisfying as ejaculating into a vagina. Sometimes a guy just doesn't evaculate his testicles completely and has to try it again. Other times a man finds a woman so desireable he will find the reserves to ejaculate inside her 4-5 times. I assume it feels good to have a man move within his own semen?

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Sat, 10-23-2004 - 9:30am
I’ll second that motion.

In my teens and 20’s you couldn’t beet down my erections with stick! It could take 10 minutes till it started to fade after orgasm back then and only if I didn’t continue to stimulate it.

I’ll even admit as early teen finding it a bit strange my self. Damn is thing ever going to go down. :-o

Now in my forties I whish it still did still stay up like that! Getting order’s a bitch!

I’m starting to figure, when guy hits middle age they should be issued coffee mug that says:

“Welcome to your Viagra years”

Enjoy it darlin. It’s a perfectly normal and wonderful thing.

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Mon, 10-25-2004 - 12:39am

LOL at "Welcome to your Viagra years."


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Mon, 10-25-2004 - 7:12am

I don't know if this a common thing - not with my man, but I would not be complaining!

So many men just stop as soon as they have got their jollies and his partner is so close. You have the ultimate pleasure of this lasting a little longer.


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Tue, 10-26-2004 - 10:17pm
Jazz you crack me up,

You have a great way of putting things down on paper.

I know what you mean and the sad thing is it was only a couple of years ago it was reversed and my man wanting it all the time now I have to chase him down and talk dirty to get him in the mood for lots of loving he only has 1-2 days at home on a weekend and tells me he can not spend all his time in bed. My question is why not?

He has a point as the kids would be pi...ed off if they did not spend time with their dad too. Getting older is a bitch but we know we all have to get there someday so we have to deal with it, as best as possible.

Loving Life at 40+

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Wed, 10-27-2004 - 9:32am
All I can say is...

You lucky, lucky, lucky girl ;)

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