I'm baaaaaaaack!

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I'm baaaaaaaack!
Sun, 06-25-2006 - 8:30am

I have arrived safely and am back on the board :-) It's been a very looooooooong day, though, so I'm going to go to bed early for once.

I hope you are all enjoying a very nice Sunday!

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Sun, 06-25-2006 - 1:05pm

Goodness sakes, where did you go?

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Tue, 06-27-2006 - 10:18am
Welcome back!!! It is always reassuring to know we are all safe and sound and accounted for. What can I say.. I'm a worrier. Hope you slept well!!! Here's a cup of tea and a cushion for your feet. Put them up and relax. Take some time for yourself.