Late Monday

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Late Monday
Tue, 08-28-2007 - 11:17am

Hello there.....

I know I am late again, but .... no excuses. Just let's get down 2 business.

Soooo/ list all your dreams and hopes, your goals and plans for this week and let's see of we can cheer each other into living a week dedicated towards our best life.

1-To actually start with the diet I keep talking about.
2-to continue writing my novel. Haven't written anything all last week.
3- to do some sort of exerise.
4-to work on loving myself and not needing validation or attention from someone else.

what are yours?



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Tue, 08-28-2007 - 10:32pm

Thanks for the thread, Suffy.

This week I would like to continue with healthy eating - increasing vegetable intake (easy) and eating more fruit (a bit more difficult, though it's mango season and I like mangoes). Experiment with fresh herbs.

Clean out the bookcases. Get rid of old manuals that won't ever be used ever again, move books now under the stairs and on the stair steps to the bookcase.

Clean out my brother's wardrobe. Well, what very little he has here. Things he hasn't worn in eons but that my parents have kept.

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