101 things to do with a tied-up guy

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101 things to do with a tied-up guy
Fri, 05-13-2005 - 7:20am

How about it, folks - 101 things to do with your guy after tieing him up.

Here's a couple for starters:

1) Tease him by bringing your nipples just within reach of his mouth. Make him beg for what he wants.

2) Invite the girls over for a loud coffee klatch in the kitchen or a wine & cheese party in the living room while he is in the bedroom naked, tied, and blindfolded.

3) Should he orgasm without your express permission, coat a dildo with his semen and make him go down on it as punishment. Alternatively, if he orgasmed inside of you, turn around, sit on his face, and make him clean you up.



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Fri, 05-13-2005 - 8:41am

4.) Repeatedly bring him to edge of Orgasm without letting him go all the way.

5.) Pleasure yourself while he watches. Tell him how good it feels.

6.) Put a porn in while you go shower and get yourself sexied up.

7.) Do a striptease.

8.) Get his favorite flavor popsicle; give it a few sensuous licks and sucks for effect; then insert it and play as long as you can stand to. Then either sit on his face or his penis.

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Fri, 05-13-2005 - 9:39am

9) Give him a handjob, all the while whispering in his ear his favorite fantasy.

10) Tantalize him with small bits of his favorite things...sit on his face just long enough to make you cum only once, then get up. Tweak his nipples on your way down and give him head just for a minute. Give him a handjob while you give 'the boys' the proper attention with your mouth. Staddle him and start to have IC and just as he's getting into the rhythm, get off. Start all over again.

11) Make sure he understands that HE can't cum until he's made you cum as much as you want, first! Then sit on his face again!

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Fri, 05-13-2005 - 10:29am

12) take your time exploring every muscle, curve, freckle, etc. with you eyes, hands and mouth...

13) gently run a selection of textures (feather, fur, whatever you can find) over his body one at a time and make him guess what they are. (if he does, he gets a reward. =) )

14) give him an oily massage, carefully and BARELY avoiding the places he really wants to be touched.


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Fri, 05-13-2005 - 12:09pm

15) You know, Jackson, a very interesting question. I really haven’t given much thought to your question since I’m really not into bondage and all that stuff. But, then again, with your question being such a good one, I thought that I at least owed you a response.

So, sitting at my computer, I just kicked back, put my feet up on my desk, closed my eyes and typed what ever popped into my head.

. . . I’m seeing a guy on a king size bed, with arms spread out wide and tethered to the head board with thick, belt quality leather straps and barely enough flexibility to move his hands more than half a foot. His head is raised up on a pillow. His ankles are just inches away from the headboard and also tethered with similar leather straps to the same post as his hands. Fortunately, he has a bit more slack so that his wide spread legs can move a bit more as they are suspended over his doubled over body. In this somewhat exposed position, his ass is just above his center of gravity and his rigid penis dangles just inches from his mouth. And yes, his is able to swivel his hips enough that he can aim his shotgun into his mouth with about 80% accuracy. However, he doesn’t have the required massive length to get his tip in his mouth, but then again, this allows for all to see him shoot into his open mouth when the time is right.

Now, unlike all you other cruel women who would just want to leave your man in this position, I would be more understanding. No, I am not as mean. I see this helpless man tied up during a woman only toy and wine tasting party (say 10 to 12 woman). And one of the less inhibited ladies would feel sorry for the poor guy and plunged deep into his vulnerable hole one of the new Slimline butt vibes. After he cums, the room with burst into a round of applause, noting how he successfully shot every drop into his open mouth. And, knowing how women act when they get together in situations like this, I suspect there would be several encore performances with different sizes and models of things that mostly fit snug.

|8>:o)<8 krn

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Fri, 05-13-2005 - 1:31pm

Fun question, Jackson.



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Mon, 05-16-2005 - 1:57pm


C'mon gang, Need More Input! I'm tying SO up next week and I gotta be ready!!!! (Yup! We both got a night off ON THE SAME NIGHT!!!! WOOHOO!!!! AND HE'S GIVEN ME THE ALL CLEAR -- FINALLY!!!!)


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Mon, 05-16-2005 - 7:32pm

Yes, we want more ideas.


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Tue, 05-17-2005 - 4:18pm

Ok I love this!! I copied the list and emailed it to my BF. Humm more ideas..

19. Definately adding in a blindfold would be good. Nothing like having complete control taken away and not being able to see what's going on.

20. Hot wax anyone?

21. Prostate massage..

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Wed, 05-18-2005 - 10:25am

Wow! You guys are something. I love the idea of his ankles being tethered to the same bed posts as his wrists. Then you can whip the back and insides of his thighs, a most tender area. I would use a braided, knotted, leather cat o' nine. For a special reaction, land a couple in his crack. And prostate message is always great. Did I hear anyone say electricity?

Madame P

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Fri, 05-20-2005 - 1:01am
When tied and blindfolded put head phones on him and with CD on repeat play he will not know where you are, be able to hear anything and can only guess. That was a 2 hour event here one night. Actually that night I made SO just hold onto the headboard and told him if he let go for any reason all would stop immediately. The need for self control regardless drove him wild.