What have you done in the last 100 days?

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What have you done in the last 100 days?
Fri, 05-01-2009 - 6:17am
What have you done in the last 100 days?

A lot of people are talking about Obama's first 100 days, but we're interested in what YOU have accomplished over the last 100 days. Whether it's a weight loss goal, keeping a resolution, traveling, etc., share it with us! :)

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Fri, 05-01-2009 - 8:05pm
GOOD question!


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Fri, 05-01-2009 - 8:48pm

I have maintained my sanity.

Seriously, if all of us would work as hard as Obama has worked, for the good of our country, these last 100 days we would all be much better off!


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Sat, 05-02-2009 - 9:43am

I wish I had the President's energy!


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Sat, 05-02-2009 - 1:20pm

I continue to grieve and celebrate my mom's life. I have no idea how President Obama does what he does. He lost his mom and grandmom. I think it is focusing on his beautiful, wife and girls. I think living in the present is what keeps him going, and it is what keeps me going. Sometimes I have to take it day by day and hour by hour at my present employer.

I give myself credit for guarding my joy and peace. I refuse to give into the panic mode some of my co-workers are in. As you know I work for one of the big 3 automakers. Have for 5 years on the repo side. We are actually making money and not filing for bankruptcy on the financial side. Although the money and benifits are great, the stress and drama isn't.

My mom's death was the catalyst I needed to start working on a new career. I am 1/2 way done with getting admitted to an alternative teaching program. I passed my first state exam last month grades Pre-k to 4th grade. And this month I will pass the 2nd one grades 4-8, first try also!

I have lost 40 pounds! I have dropped several sizes. I had a pair of jeans I was going to give away to charity. As they didn't fit right last August when I bought them, at a bargin for $6 at Ross! I was getting ready to put them aside in the "giveaway bin" and decided to try them on. They fit a little too lose, but good in the hips! I am a curvy girl! NOW I have a new pair of favorite Jeans! I have stop myself for wearing them too often! That means I need to go to Ross and look for more!hah, hah!

I have been enjoying my own company! I went to the Wailers concert, cake tastings(my birthday party coming up in August),movies. Even though I adore my family and friends, I actually now enjoy a few recreational hours alone.

I have accepted shortcomings from my friendships. Every friendship offers something different and I dont' try to get "everything" from one friend. In the future, I would like have a few more friends in my circle. Each one likes differnt stuff, dining out, movies, concerts, etc. Shopping friends. I think that is a big sign of maturity and confidence. I never understood how grown women could be jealous of each others "friendships".




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Mon, 05-04-2009 - 6:21am

Keeping one's sanity is very important, Deb - and most times not an easy thing to do.

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Mon, 05-04-2009 - 6:24am

You've been *very* busy, Cindi! I think that eating healthier is a good goal to have - your weight will go down eventually especially if you are moving more.

Did you enjoy attending the tv shows? Were taping or were they on live?

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Mon, 05-04-2009 - 7:00am

IMHO taking life one day at a time is the only way to live, more so when we have just experienced a loss or a huge change in our lives. Taking it hour by hour is fine, too. After all, we're not in a race here ~ it's about living our best lives, right?

Congratulations on those 40 pounds lost! Woohoo! How did you manage to do that?

When are your tests?

Like you, I don't understand grown adults who are jealous of friendships. Or who have friendships in which the dynamics are more of that of high schoolers than adults. I'm glad to rad that you not only enjoy your own company, but you also see that each friend brings something special to share with you. I know that I've been grateful for shopping friends and movie friends during my difficult times ~ they helped me distract myself from my problems, and spend a nice couple of hours in their company.

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Mon, 05-04-2009 - 7:08am

I've put into motion some projects that I want to work on this year.

I went to Disneyland in Hong Kong.

I took a few days off from family, switched off the phone and didn't bring the laptop.

I am reconnecting with friends and also meeting new people.