Are we responsible, too?

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Are we responsible, too?
Thu, 01-28-2010 - 1:49am
Heidi Montag, a reality TV celebrity and wannabe singer very recently made the headlines when she went in for 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day, spending 10 hours in the OR, and 7 weeks to heal.

She has been cited as saying that she needed to be perfect, and that she had been taunted for the way that she looks when she was younger.

I can't help but think whether society as a whole also has put her in a place where a young woman of 23, because of her chosen profession, feel that she has to be physically perfect in every which way in order for her to be accepted, loved by the people who are watching her shows and buying CDs, in order to be successful. I wonder whether the pressure of tabloids and site that have the reader commentary available only magnifies insecurities like this. If you go on to these site, some of the commentaries are scathing and mean if not abusive.

Where does this demand for perfection come from? What does it say about us when we are judging people for their looks and for the way they dress, also demanding that they be "perfect", then criticizing or mocking them if they are too skinny or too fat or go under the knife or wore the wrong clothes, or had a bad hair day? What happened to accepting people for who they are, and celebrating their talents?

After all, how would we feel if there were three handful of people who criticize us every day like that? I'd probably start wearing a paper bag around my head and I'd not go out of my room!