On In-Text Advertising

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On In-Text Advertising
Wed, 03-03-2010 - 2:32am
In-Text Advertising: Frequently Asked Questions

Starting March 1, 2010 iVillage users may notice a new form of advertising, called contextual advertising, within our message boards. This means you may see some words appear with double underlining within a community's messages; mousing over these words will open a small advertisement window. Here are some answers to commonly-asked questions about this type of advertising.

Is someone reading my messages to insert these links?

The in-text links that appear within the forums are automatically generated by our software and are based on keywords, so your privacy is maintained.

Why have these ads been introduced on iVillage?

In order to continue to offer free services such iVillage's community, we rely on advertising to help cover the costs of running such a large and popular site.

I don't want to see these ads, can I disable them?

While we hope that you find these links relevant and useful, you can opt out of seeing these links by visiting this page: http://www.vibrantmedia.com/whatisintellitxt/ivillage.asp?ipid=22292&cc=us&server=ivillage.us.intellitxt.com

For further questions or to report issues, please feel free to contact us.