Random Act Of Kindness

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Random Act Of Kindness
Fri, 06-18-2010 - 6:28pm

What do we live for if not to make life less difficult for each other?

-George Eliot

Today I was out shopping with DD... I had two armfuls of bags and no trolley to take the weight off my aching arms. The trolleys we have in our shopping mall need to have a coin inserted into them to release them from the trolley bay and no matter how hard I looked, through my pants, my jacket, my handbag, no coins were to be found... DD was asking me repeatedly if she could get into the trolley, and when wll you get the trolley mommy, and why are you not getting the trolley mommy... You can just taste the frustration!!!

Just then, a lady, middle aged, never met her before.. comes along and is two seconds away from parking her trolley when she hears me telling DD between clinched teeth that I NEED TO FIND A COIN FIRST....

What did the lady do?

She asked me if I wanted a trolley and I said I was looking for a coin but that I was ok. She then offered me her trolley with her money, her coin, still in.

I cannot take this, I insisted again and again... but what did she say?

Consider it my good deed of the day.. and walked away...


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Sat, 06-19-2010 - 10:42am
I think that is so cool.
When my kids were younger they LOVED putting the money in and getting it out.
Usually they had to take turns.
One day this older couple gave dd the quarter to put in a cart for herself...both her and her younger brother each got their "own" cart for our shopping trip...they told her she could keep the quarter to...she was happy as a clam.
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Sun, 06-20-2010 - 4:11am

That was very, very sweet of that lady!

I am glad that you were the recipient of a random act of kindness.