Frustrated Friday, Fruitful Weekend

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Frustrated Friday, Fruitful Weekend
Thu, 07-22-2010 - 7:15pm

Yes, TGI Friday but then this is the end of a week that
had its shares of ups and downs/
If you would like to vent and share what your downs for this week were, we are all here to listen and help along the way. However, venting means that you must plan a positive weekend and share with the board what u plan to do to keep the optimism flowing through Saturday and Sunday!!!

Vent: Was frustrated this week with my father taking my Husband's side through my battle with him for a divorce.
Was frustrated this week with how little patience I had.
Was frustrated this week with nighttime TV that is a load of trash.
Was frustrated this week with the humidity and the endless bad hair days...

Plans for the WE:
To push all thoughts of my marital problems away.
To go out with DD and avoid any negativity that may come our way.
To plan a nice meal because I have not been eating well throughout the week.
To watch a good movie.. (I got DVDs from our local library).

What about you?



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Sat, 07-24-2010 - 10:33pm
The week-end has been very nice so far. We went to the botanical garden yesterday and walked for about 3 hours there. Today is a quiet day. I have some work to do, but we might go to the movies later on, too.

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Sun, 07-25-2010 - 1:35pm
Awesome Post!
Last week was rough but so far the week-end for the MOST part has been pretty good for me and my ds.
we had heat and humidity
lack of patience on my part ds and I do not suffer fools too lightly
saw my ex slithering around in Library ds said he was probably looking for me I said probably trying to "Avoid" me...;)
money is tight so stressed out about that
cooled down Saturday night and Sunday morning...Yeah!!!
patient with people who don't "irk" me like my ex...he buzzed up to our apt after no contact and I am pretty sure he has phoned twice, yesterday and today just glad proud for not answering caving in
my ds and I had a quiet and peaceful week-end
watched movies last night we had had fun he made supper last night and I made breakfast this morning we already have supper planned :)
works for me ;)