Steps to a more positive life

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Steps to a more positive life
Wed, 07-28-2010 - 12:06pm

Good morning all!

I just found this board and I'm having fun looking around.

I thought I would ask what are some of you tricks to keep you on the positive path? I have recently made a major shift in my life and although it causes me worry, I have worked very hard to not let the worry run my life. Instead, I concentrate on all the added time I have had with my family in the last four weeks. It has increased significantly and although we don't have as much money, we are finding free/cheap ways to have fun and I'm seeing the results daily.

My husband and I talk more, my kids are definitely more happy that mommy is around more. And my dog isn't a hairy mess because I have the time to sit and brush her. :)

So when the worry starts to creep in, I just distract myself with all the new memories we have formed and tell myself that everything will work out. I'm still working hard, but I'm following my passion and most times, it hardly seems like work at all.

Take care!

“There’s no limit to the bonehead moves I make, but at least I make others laugh when I do them.” :)
-L “There’s no limit to the bonehead moves I make, but at least I make others laugh when I do them.” :)
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Wed, 07-28-2010 - 11:34pm

Hi Lorrinda,

Welcome to the new business club, with all its steep learning curves. For me right now, the word steep in a huge, flaming, capital letters.

How do I keep positive? Well, in regards to said learning curve, I remind myself that no one should expect that it's going to be an instant success. The idea might be good, the demand might be there, but it doesn't mean that everything will be smooth. I'd rather go through problems now and learn how to solve this whilst it's still manageable than later.

I do wake up each morning asking myself whether I want to continue or not. One can take this in a negative way ("Aaargh, yet another frustrating and tough day! I hate it!") or in a more positive one ("Do I want to continue doing this? If yes, then I am going to do my best. If no, then I'd better cut my losses now and focus on my next project").

Something else that helps me stay positive is being honest about my abilities, the time and energy that I can dedicate to the different things in my life, and my boundaries. When I do something, I'll give it my full attention but I also know that I only have X hours to do so in a day. I prioritize my well-being first, am aware of myself, and I try to not let stuff or people take over my life. And this has meant learning to say no in a very sweet way and not feeling guilty about it.

It has also meant doing things at my pace. If others aren't happy about it, it's not my problem. One of the things that I do like about working for myself is that I set the pace. I don't mind working hard, but I need to do it at my pace. How it compares to other people's paces is a different matter, but so far people have been okay with my pace because I've been honest with them and I deliver what I've promised.

It also helps whenever less than great things happen to evaluate where we are, how the dynamics change for us and whether we can find some good in it.

As you said, being positive is a conscious choice that we make each and every day.