First Family by David Baldacci

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First Family by David Baldacci
Thu, 09-17-2009 - 11:49am

Another goodie by Baldacci! This book was full of good guys who are really bad guys and bad guys who turn out to actually be pretty good guys, kidnapping, presidential assassination and more. The real action was really just a small part of the book, but the journey to that point was really good, too. I also liked the revenge is sweet angle at the end of the book. I'd recommend this one to anyone who asked about it.

Here's the synopsis:

It began with what seemed like an ordinary childrens' birthday party. Friends and family gathered to celebrate. There were balloons and cake, games and gifts.

This party, however, was far from ordinary. It was held at Camp David, the presidential retreat. And it ended with a daring kidnapping... which immediately turned into a national security nightmare.

Sean King and Michelle Maxwell were not looking to become involved. As former Secret Service agents turned private investigators, they had no reason to be. The FBI doesn't want them interfering. But years ago, Sean King saved the First Lady's husband, then a senator, from political disaster. Now Sean is the one person the First Lady trusts. She presses Sean and Michelle into the desperate search to rescue the abducted child - a race in which the line between friend and foe will become impossible to define...or defend."