Myths and Mysteries of WA. by L.E. Bragg

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Myths and Mysteries of WA. by L.E. Bragg
Mon, 02-15-2010 - 12:20pm

This was a book I picked up during my recent sojourn to the state of Washington to nurse my sick, pregnant daughter and her 14 month old baby back to health. She was feeling better and I had finished the books I had brought along, so we made a quick stop at Barnes and Noble. I always like to pick up a little something about the area I'm in when I travel. This one was full of local legends, some of which I had never heard of before. It was an interesting read.

Book synopsis: "Look inside and discover fifteen fun, easy-to-read tales of intrigue and mystery! MYTHS AND MYSTERIES OF WASHINGTON opens the book on unsolved crimes, legends of lost treasure, supernatural encounters, sea creature sightings, and other unexplained events and unusual occurrences in the Evergreen State history.

*Meet Puget Sound's demon of the deep
*Uncover the details of Captain Ingalls's lost treasure
*Learn about flying saucers over Mount Rainier
*Join the search for elusive skyjacker D.B. Cooper
*And experience the ghostly aura of the Mad Doctor's mansion

Whether you're an amateur sleuth or history buff, join author L. E. Bragg as she exposes the truth behind seemingly tall tales and some of the Pacific Northwest's most popular fables."