Full House by Janet Evanovich

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Full House by Janet Evanovich
Thu, 03-25-2010 - 11:24am

I was told long ago not to bother with this set of books by Janet Evanovich. I had only read a couple of books in the Stephanie Plum series and had become an avid fan. I had the Plum series to catch up with so I let these go. I finally had a chance to read this one and I absolutely loved it! It's definitely not as slapstick as the Plum series, but Mrs. Evanovich's sense of humor is there, just much more subtly. You kind of have to read between the lines for the humor. There are little jabs throughout the book and I chuckled all the way through. If any of the rest of you readers have heard the same thing about these books, go ahead and give them a try. I know I'm going to read absolutely EVERYTHING written by this author from now on. No one else's opinion will ever deter me again.

Book Synopsis:" In Full House, Nick Kaharchek senses danger the minute he sees Billie Pearce. She represents everything he's always avoided. Happy in her home life, a divorced mother of two, Billie is the epitome of stability. She's also irresistibly fascinating to the footloose Kaharchek...in a car-crash sort of way. Their fateful meeting leads to a story filled with seduction and mayhem and love everlasting."

This was a good light-hearted read.