Mental Disorder & No Social SecurityNo$

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Mental Disorder & No Social SecurityNo$
Tue, 03-25-2003 - 2:32am
Hi: I will make this one short.

I have posted this message

several times tonight.

However,with the new boards,

it keeps getting lost.

Here goes:I am so stressed

out about money!I am waiting

for social security to kick in.

My state disability is ending at

the end of the month. And, I will

have no income.I would like to see a

board that has a big support group

about our health,money and how to

support each other.Maybe we can all

offer each other ideas that others do

not know of.Secrets.Like;I do not

want my house to go into foreclosure

because my SSD is not approved yet.

And, this is what is going to happen,

if I do not do something.So,what is one

to do?Write my congressman?Maybe.Any other

ideas?I am willing to host and keep up a new board

in relationship to this.I am desperate and scared.

Just to be clear,I have been searching all month

for answers.And,everyone is so busy, and focused

on one thing.I think that we need a board

for mentally ill people to help support

us in getting what help we need when it

comes to money.I now know why,there are

so many homeless people out there.They

are not working; maybe because, if they

do, they will never get social security.

Just my thoughts.I do hope that this does get through.

Thanks for letting me vent.I am going to try

to exercise now.No,I am going to exercise now for

30 minutes.Wow,what a way to introduce myself.I am

so,so stressed.Hugs,and Peace,Sheri
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Tue, 03-25-2003 - 4:14am
Hi Sheri,

First I would like to welcome you to our safe haven. We are a very friendly, understanding, and supportive group here. We talk about our disorder and anything in between. Disability is a topic that you will find very popular here. There are a lot of our members in the process of applying, receiving, and looking into it. It is hard to live with our illness and then the worries of money on top of it. I hope that you will stay and make yourself at home here and post often. There are sure to be people in your situation right now who can relate and help you in the right direction.

I welcome you with open arms and hope you will stay and be among our circle of friends!

Big hugs,


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Tue, 03-25-2003 - 6:17am
Welcome Sheri!

Lots of women here go through the same struggle that you are going through with SSI or SSDI. Our Marci just went through one hell of a battle with them and won! *yeah Marci!*

I'm sure that there is and will be plenty of people here who can help answer your questions as well as you being able to answer their questions too.

Other than that, I am so glad that you found us! We are an amazing group and we are all very dedicated to getting well and I am happy that you have come to us for support in this area. Looking foward to getting to know you!

Peace, Love and Healing,


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Tue, 03-25-2003 - 8:22am
You've probably already done this but I'd keep in very close contact with the bank and explain everything that is going on. Sorry if that's a dumb answer. Some banks are very helpful and understanding when hard times come....especially if you have some source of income coming soon.


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Wed, 03-26-2003 - 8:52pm
Boy, do I know that feeling--I was in days of losing my house when my income refund & a back check from employer disability came in. I'm still waiting on social security, but with my employer disability coming in--I can relax (sort of). You don't say how many times you've been denied--2 or 3 is average. I would suggest you contact an attorney ASAP--they'll take a percentage (the amount is standard across the country set by SS)of the eventual back check you get, but they can do wonders in expediting it. I discovered that our state (MO) has the 3rd highest denial rate in the country and the longest wait for a hearing (16months average); however, each state is different & there are special circumstances which can get you an expedited hearing. By all means keep in touch with your lender, they may even be able to steer you to some assistance. Also check with your state caseworker for any groups that assist with rent/house payments--we have one here called the Housing Information Center that has been able to work wonders with lenders & get temorary housing assistance for folks--I know the Salvation Army is one who helps with rent anyway. Hopefully, things will come together for you before you can get behind, but if all else fails--just before the point of foreclosure, you can file a Chapt. 13 bankruptcy--depending how bogged down your courts are it could be a 2-6 months before you actually have to make your first payment. Of course, if your social security isn't in by then, you're kinda back where you started from, but if your SS attorney thinks you'll have it by then, it will give you a little breathing space. Marci