What's up for the WeekEnd?

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What's up for the WeekEnd?
Thu, 05-17-2007 - 9:49pm

Nadine - deenie1979

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Thu, 05-17-2007 - 11:32pm

I actually have to miss some sleep this weekend. I'm working 4 shifts in a row too. Monday is a holiday in Canada (Victoria Day) so I chose to work it and get paid time and a half. Also, I have an 80th birthday party to attend with Mom on Sunday for my Dad's wife's mom. We haven't bought anything yet-- it's hard to figure out what to get her! Taloola for breakfast and groceries will be done Saturday morning.


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Fri, 05-18-2007 - 9:00am
My oldest dd is alter serving at tomorrow's mass, no special plans for the rest of the day.
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Fri, 05-18-2007 - 12:15pm
Baseball game tonight, tomorrow cleaning, library and grocery shopping. DH has to work all weekend 7-3, and the boys will be at their moms. Ride my horse and read my books is all really.

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Sat, 05-19-2007 - 2:16am
Shopping for the oldest dd dress for graduation and her first semi formal dance.Plus shopping for cleaning supplies and moving materials.Going to garage sales to find a lawn mower and patio furniture hopefully.Then just packing and cleaning.