Do you use hand sanitizers?

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Do you use hand sanitizers?
Tue, 09-14-2010 - 2:37am

Do you use hand sanitizers?

  • Yes, always. I carry a bottle in my purse

  • Sometimes

  • No

  • Just soap and water for me

  • Other

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Tue, 09-14-2010 - 2:55am

From the Los Angeles Times:

BOOSTER SHOTS: Oddities, musings and news from the health world

Here's some news you may not want to hear about hand sanitizers

Spoiler alert: If the presence of all those alcohol-based hand sanitizers makes you feel safe from disease, skip this blog post.

The sanitizers – Purell, Germ-X and the like – started popping up everywhere last year following the outbreak of the H1N1 “swine flu” virus. But new research out of the University of Virginia finds that they

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Tue, 09-14-2010 - 11:41am
Just soap & water for me,
Although interesting to read :)