Intro/Questions for Canadian Ladies!

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Intro/Questions for Canadian Ladies!
Tue, 09-28-2010 - 8:24pm

Hi There

I am 22 years old and in the next year I'll be paying off my student loan, which means no more debt, which means I want to save money for a breast reduction.

My story is that I gained 25 pounds over a 2.5 year period (a lot of stress involved in the most recent year) and when I started to go back to the gym in January 2010, I asked the trainer how to lose some boob (I was a 32B and went up to 34D) and she told me that when you lose weight, thats one of the first places to go. Well, 18 lbs later I'm 126 lbs and still have 34D breasts (sometimes I swear they're even getting bigger!). It is frustrating and painful. I don't have back problems (yet) but I hate taking my bra off because it feels like they are boulders attached to my chest and it hurts when they fall. I also don't believe that my breasts should sag this much at 22, but since they grew so fast, they ended up this way. And it is frustrating to be so out of proportion - I can't even find tops or dresses that fit properly!!

So my questions for the ladies (some questions for particularly Canadians, even from Alberta?) are:

1. How long was the wait to see a surgeon for a consultation, and how long between consultation and surgery?

2. How long was the recovery period (ie: being off work)?

3. How much did it cost? Did insurance cover any part? What about provincial health care?

Thanks ladies, I really appreciate anything you could tell me!

Miss J. B.
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Tue, 09-28-2010 - 11:40pm


Not Canadian but with my insurance I had to have documentation from my primary care detailing back pain, physical therapy notes for 3 months and added my chiropractor notes in there too.

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Thu, 09-30-2010 - 2:03pm

Hi! And welcome to the boards!!

I am from the US so can't relate to Canadian insurance policies, but will answer your questions from my experience.

I saw my Gyno Dr, and was talking about the surgery and she said I was the perfect candidate for it. She wrote an awesome letter to the insurance company for me. That was a great start. I then made an appt. with a plastic surgeon who was recommended to me by a girl who had a BR and one who had reconstructive surgery by him; both thrilled. He started the ball rolling for me; took pictures, wrote his own recommendation and within 3 weeks I was approved. That was the end of May and I had my surgery on August 7th. I think the length of time depends on the surgeons schedule.
I was off work for about a week and then did half days for a while. I do office work, so I couldn't lift, do the file drawers, and typing on computer actually bothered me the first few days. But it was good to get into another environment as I was getting antsy at home. It really depends on your job, when you can go back. Most ladies seem to go back within 2 weeks. I am sure your PS can give you a better time frame. I felt pretty darn good by week 2 and started to over do things and boy, did my body let me know that I needed to slow down. You get sore and swollen when you over do, so you really need to listen to that and respect it.

As far as cost, I really have no idea. I have heard from some anywhere from $6,000. to 15,000. I guess alot depends on this also. I was so fortunate, as mine only cost me $30.
Good luck in your quest for the new you!! It truly is a life changing and amazing surgery!!!
Keep in touch!

Nancy :))

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