New iVillage Tool: Healthy-Communication

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New iVillage Tool: Healthy-Communication
Tue, 09-28-2010 - 3:59pm

Gabbing with your friends. Making plans with your significant other. Checking-in with your parents. Sometimes, it seems like women communicate 24/7, trying to get the best information to make important decisions. But when it’s the most important topic of all – your health – do you use those same communication skills, or does the thought of an annual ob/gyn exam make you suddenly silent?

What women are not sharing with their health care provider could play a significant role in their understanding of, confidence in, and overall satisfaction regarding their current birth control. According to a recent online survey, only thirteen percent of women who have used birth control or are considering birth control share details of their sexual health with their health care provider (doctor, nurse, or nurse practitioner) , and approximately one-third feel “informed, confident, relaxed, or knowledgeable ” when discussing their birth control .

Women need to be more proactive in their sexual health. The Healthy Communication Campaign is a new online resource with iVillage that includes communication tools and health tips designed to educate and empower you to feel confident in your body and comfortable with initiating a dialogue with your health care provider.

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