Herb of the Week: Sweet Annie

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Herb of the Week: Sweet Annie
Tue, 09-28-2010 - 5:15pm

This herb is used for malaria & intestinal parasites in tropical countries. The ancient Chinese used it for fever but then it fell out of favor. It was rediscovered in the 1970's in old tea recipes. It has some anti-cancer benefit & research is being developed in its use for leukemia. Traditionally it was used for hemorrhoids.
Common names:

* Qinghao
* Sweet wormwood

Botanical name:

* Artemisia annua
Are there any side effects or interactions?

No serious adverse effects have been seen in clinical trials with artemisinin. The use of the whole herb as well as artemisinin may cause upset stomach, loose stools, abdominal pain, and occasional fever.

At the time of writing, there were no well-known drug interactions with sweet Annie.
Read more @:http://www.ivillage.com/sweet-annie/botanical-names/94464




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Wed, 10-13-2010 - 10:09pm

I love Sweet Annie - from the delicate, airy foliage to the incredible scent!

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Fri, 10-15-2010 - 9:05pm

This herb was a new one for me. Now that it comes recommended by you for it's scent, I'll add it to my aromatherapy arsenal. Thx for sharing! jan